Young Mother Just Bought A Donut For A Homeless Man, But He Left Her A Note With A Shocking Confession!

Casey Fisher, a student and a young mother, recently went out to have breakfast. Near the coffee shop, she saw a homeless man. He was sitting on the ground counting his change. A few minutes later, the man decided to enter the coffee shop and see if he could buy something for the money he had.


Casey felt sorry for the stranger and decided to help him. She bought him a coffee and a donut and offered him to have breakfast together. The homeless man happily agreed.

Casey tried to start a conversation. Chris (that was the homeless man‘s name) was being shy at first, but then he decided to open his heart to the kind woman and tell her about his life. He said he didn‘t have a father, and his mother died of cancer when he was very young. Then, Chris became addicted to drugs, lost everything and found himself on the street.


After the heartfelt conversation, Chris asked Casey to wait a minute and wrote something on the check. Casey took the note but looked at it only when she was in her car. The message written on the check shocked the young woman and touched the depths of her soul. The note read: “Today I wanted to kill myself. Because of you now I do not. Thank you, beautiful person.”


Casey Fisher saved someone‘s life without even knowing it. This story is a wonderful reminder that kindness and compassion can do wonders.