Young Man Slipped On Pavement And Passed Away. 4 Months Later, Grieving Mom Received A Letter That Comforted Her

Jack and his mother, Wendy Kane, 47, were very close. The two lived 30 miles away and kept calling, texting each other all the time.

In November 2016, the two were discussing Jack’s plans for his upcoming birthday.

Charlotte’s [girlfriend] got a surprise planned for the weekend,’ he told me.

Well, I’ll let you enjoy that, then we can have lunch on Monday,’ I smiled. I was looking forward to it.

I love you,’ he said as we finished the conversation.

Love you, too,’ I replied.

Unfortunately, that lunch never happened because two days later the mom received a call from his daughter and son’s girlfriend saying he was taken to the hospital. At first, the mom thought her diabetic son had a hype and collapsed but when she arrived at the hospital she learned the truth… Jack had slipped on the pavement and fell.

“He’s gone straight to theatre,” Jack’s dad said. “He might not make it through surgery – and if he does, he won’t be the same.”

Hours later, the doctors told the family the 21-year-old didn’t make it. His brain was too damaged.

Next, they were approached by the organ donation nurse. Back in the days, Jack signed up to be a donor, he also badgered the rest of the family to do so. The time had come… Wendy immediately said ‘Yes.’

Four months later, the grieving mom received a letter.

“My hands shook as I read that Jack’s lungs and liver had been given to two men in their 50s, one kidney to a lady in her 20s, the other to a man in his 30s.”

“Jack’s been gone for four months now – and, most of the time, I carry on as if he’s still around… Until something reminds me he’s not, and the pain takes my breath away again.Jack’s death wasn’t caused by anything other than sheer bad luck. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my boy. Sometimes I laugh at the memories, other times I cry.“

“But knowing Jack’s saved four people’s lives gives me the greatest comfort I could hope for.”

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