For years this woman suffered from terrible pain in the heels of her feet. As a last resort she went to a chiropractor and something unbelievable happened.

If you think about, our feet are the most targeted part of our body as far as constant impact goes.

We are walking, running and constantly standing on our feet. Often we squeeze into shoes which are fashionable but not comfortable. The result can end up being plantar fasciitis, which is a chronic swelling of the tendons on the bottom of the foot, and it is very, very painful.

This is a common ailment with athletes. Running, jumping, constant pressure and shifting of weight can cause this condition to occur.


Inactive and overweight people can also suffer from plantar fasciitis. Sharp pain occurs when the foot is under strain, but over months it can occur when the foot is inactive and resting.

A sharp pain in the heel after getting out of bed could indeed be a sign of plantar fasciitis.

It is treatable though, as different methods are used to deal with this extreme pain. Training routine adjustments, special shoe insoles, medications or stretching exercises are some of the treatments.

However, a chiropractor and orthopedist named Dr. DeFabio, has apparently come up with a new treatment. His claims are that this treatment can quickly and easily heal plantar fasciitis. First, the swelling is reduced, and then the calf muscles are strengthened and nurtured.

He suggests a roller stick massage tool for the treatment. These are pretty common and not hard to find.

The “Graston Technique” is also used in the treatment. This involves using a steel instrument to do the following:

“break down scar tissue, adhesions, to lengthen the tissue, and, in terms of plantar fasciitis, to create elasticity and to draw blood into the area.”

A lotion is used to lubricate the skin, and then the metal instrument can glide comfortably over the area.


You then need to reduce the pressure which is on the tendons, using a special type of tape which they call
“Kinesio Tape”. It’s wrapped around the heel, reaching all the way to the the toes.


Smaller tape is then stuck to the large tape. This is to take more pressure away from the heel.

After 3-5 days, the tape is removed, and apparently the pain will disappear.

Check out Dr. DeFabio perform the procedure in the video:

Tell your orthopedist or chiropractor about this method, as many may not yet be aware of it. See if it could be an option for you, as it seems as it could be of great help in treating this very annoying condition.

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