Woman Wears Paint Instead Of Clothes For One Day And Surprised Everyone

Nowadays, the world can seem like an extremely cruel place. We’re often taught that beauty is objective and that there is a standard for it, but realistically speaking, most of us don’t actually meet that standard.

The media paints a picture that seems absurdly unrealistic, often making people believe that they have to attain a physique that ends up being impossible to obtain because, you know, you can’t photoshop yourself in real life, right? While this is true for both genders, it has become extremely apparent that females are expected to have a certain figure to be considered “beautiful,” though this often leaves most women feeling that they’re inadequate. That’s exactly what happened with this girl, but she took the initiative to overcome her fears about her image.

The video begins by showing the artist, Pashur House, body painting a girl named Julie. Despite having an appealing physique, Julie became extremely insecure about her body after a bad experience in high school. As a way of overcoming it, Pashur body painted Julie and sent her out into public to see if anyone would notice that she’s not actually wearing clothes. After he finished painting, Julie’s outfit looked extremely real, so it’s not a surprise that no one noticed she wasn’t actually wearing clothes. She went up to different people in various areas and everybody was shocked at the fact that all she had on was body paint. In the end, it helped Julie overcome her insecurities and show that, despite how you feel, most people don’t actually see the negatives you see in yourself.