Watch This Old Couple Blows Away The Youngsters With This Swing

In a social gathering mainly composed of old couples, one would normally expect that it will be a quiet event mostly spent on talking about health, some good old days and pieces of advice to the youngsters who are also there. There might be intermission numbers but these are not exactly the most vibrant around especially when compared with those performed who are is still in their prime.

Except when you are Pete and Beulah Mae who did swing like a pro in a video uploaded in Youtube and made majority of the young ones look like a second rate copier.

The dance started very humorous albeit raunchy so much to laughs of the audience using Clarence Carter’s “Kiss Me All Over”. It was as if they were doing a two-man skit and was quite potent in making the other people in the party think they are not serious.

Until they started their first stunt which changed the laughs to woahs then applause. Those lifts are ridiculously unbelievable and are quite hard to pull off!