Use Simple Household Items To Make The Coolest Toy Gun Ever

We’re always on the lookout for something new to do and there’s a bunch of fun inventions coming out that we’re never lacking in options, but this is definitely one you’ll want to try for yourself.

YouTuber CrazyPT decided to release a video showing exactly how you or anyone else can create an awesome little rubber band combat rifle using just two hangers, a little saw and some hot glue. He even teaches you how to create little ammunition holsters and a sling to boot, so any kid can feel like an old western long shot cowboy, or, whatever they want to pretend to be.

This would be a great way to have little “wars” in the house without breaking anything, plus you get the arts and crafts experience time behind it just making them! Just don’t let them bring them to school or anything and explain what to and not to aim at and you’ll be fine; why do I have a feeling this is going to evolve into some collegiate style rubber band wars though