THIS One Easy Trick Will Get Rid Of All Those Annoying And Gross Blackheads… Instantly!

I hate blackheads… they’re gross, they’re a pain to remove, and they just keep coming back! I’ve tried using those pore cleaning strips but to be honest, they haven’t really worked well for me. Most have done a better job of removing money from my wallet, than removing blackheads from my nose. But apparently there’s a better way that happens to be cheaper and completely natural! All you’ll need is lemon, salt, and warm water.

The scrub works because salt is an antibacterial agent that can help to unclog your pores. Meanwhile, the lemon’s citric acid also helps to fight germs and bacteria, and acts as a skin-peel teatment, dissolving dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. Like other skin-peels, it’s recommended that you avoid direct sunlight immediately after the treatment. This amazing scrub will give you an incredible glow and leave your skin feeling refreshed!