This man wants to get rid of the lump on his back. But when she pricks it, everything comes flying at her.

There’s some things that can happen to our bodies that’ll make you writhe in disgust, things like massive bubbles of puss under your skin.


Not only are they unsightly before being popped but when you finally do get around to it you’ll find that there’s more to them than meets the eye as well! Sometimes when you pop one you’ll have crap coming out of it for what seems like forever, but the satisfaction of having it gone just can’t be beat.

Here’s a guy that had a lump on his back so large that it had to be professionally taken care of, and you’ve gotta hand it to the lady, she doesn’t squirm an inch – even when it pops right onto her face! At the very least I would have probably vomited, so she’s got way more tolerance for gross bodily fluids than me.