This Boy Survived Abusive Parents, Alcohol And Tobacco Addictions To Become One Of The Actors You Love The Best. His Story Is Unique

He has deep roots in the Native American Indian family. But his parents could not get along well. Both of them had trouble with drinking and got into fights all the time.

The boy, his brother, and his two sisters had very tough times seeing parents abusing and cursing each other and them, too.

No wonder that by the age of 12 he started smoking and drinking heavily. A year later he got involved in his first relationship being just 13!

Eventually, his parent got divorced, his beloved grandpa (who was his only sure friend and protector) passed away. The young fellow got depressed, and all these troubles would have gotten him, if not for music. It was his passion and consolation.


At 20 he got married. He craved to be loved and wanted to experience a real family he never had. However, that union did not last long and ended up sadly. And still his first wife introduced the man to Nicolas Cage, and that’s how cinema career of Johnny Depp begun!

First 20 years of his life were tragic and sad, but it seems that success and fame managed to reward him fully for the early years! And now we have one of the best and famous Hollywood actors ever!