This is what the shape of your breasts reveals about your personality

Creativity and ambition work best when they go together and that’s exactly what you possess. A planner and attentive to meticulous details, you are also the mess (in the head) which helps a lot when it comes to coming up with ideas. People clearly love you but what makes you stand out is your high self-esteem, confidence, and independence of thoughts.

9. Orange Shaped (medium, round and facing away)

A diligent worker with a heart of gold is how you can be described but that’s not just who you are. You are an excellent judge of character and you pay close attention to details. This makes it extremely difficult to lie to you and the fact that you understand people well makes you more aware of your own self than others. You are an observer and not a judge which is something not everyone gets.

10. Pineapple-Shaped (large, with prominent nipples)

Ever smiling and hospitable, you are a charmer of the good sort. A welcoming heart is what you possess and no matter what, you are always able to see the bright side of a dark cloud. You have a knack for making people smile and feel good about themselves which makes you an instant hit and popular. Besides, the more you smile, the more reasons you find to smile and isn’t that just great?

11. Plum Shaped (small, with downward nipples)

Energetic, charming and a walking ball of fire, your enthusiasm is infectious. You inevitably become the center of attraction because of your youthful zeal. You thrive on risks and you were a born explorer, not only of places but of people and emotions. You have a nuanced view of life, carefully constructed and free from judgments. So don’t be surprised if people keep getting attracted to you, it’s your personality that reels them in.

12. Mango Shaped (medium in size and facing away)

Though completely dependable, there’s something genuinely mysterious about you. You never reveal your inner thoughts to those you don’t trust and this very fact brings people close to you as they know that their secrets are safe with you as well. The one thing that you cannot compromise on, however, is the high standards you have set for yourself. If things, people or even your deeds don’t match your own standards, you act swiftly to change them to cut them off completely. You are not the one to fly high with a load on your back.