This is what the shape of your breasts reveals about your personality

5. Cherry Shaped (perky and spread apart)

Passion, courage, and zeal are the qualities you possess in abundance. Your love to entertain makes you a perfect host and you pull it off beautifully. You do not take a lot of time to make decisions as you are more inclined to follow your gut, which has held you in good stead till now. The life of a party, you are the bubbly girl people love hanging out with.

6. Melon Shaped (globular and forward facing)

How often have you found people confiding in you? How often have people come up to you and asked for help? Numerous times, right? You are just the kind of person who would go out of your way to help someone. A diplomat is a career you could excel at as you are incredibly good at mediation, understanding and finding a middle ground. A generous nature is your defining feature and it is beautiful.

7. Nectarine Shaped (small and pendant, with large nipples)

Nectarine itself means ‘food of the gods’ and given the name, your personality justifies it. You are a caregiver by nature, someone who would nurture and help selflessly. The one thing you hate in life is drama as your core personality is peace-loving. The defining feature of your personality, thus, is sensibility, dignity, and wisdom which you possess in surplus.

8. Grapefruit Shaped (immensely bulbous and facing away)