The Ring On Her Car Was A Trap! Luckily This Woman Was Able To Escape The Danger

A woman left a store and went toward her car. She got in and saw another car parked next to hers in an empty parking lot. Her instinct saved her from a horrible encounter! The woman was alone in the parking lot.

She had a very useful habit, however. As soon as she got in her car, she locked all the doors. You should adopt this habit for your own safety. She thought the white car next to hers was very suspicious. There were a ton of other parks to choose from. So, she left right away, being alarmed at what had happened. On her way home, she noticed something shining on her car’s windscreen wiper. She stopped to see what it was and found a large ring with what looked to be a rose diamond on it. Of course, the ring was fake.

What danger did she avoid by being alert? Well, this is how people traffickers operate. You have to get out of your car to see the item of jewelry, the men come out of the other vehicle and pull you inside. Empty parking lots are an area of high risk for women. So, if you see a note, jewelry or money on your car, don’t go near it. Wait for other people to show up or call the police. Once inside the car, lock the doors at once, but first check that nobody is hiding inside.

The woman wanted bring this to everybody’s attention: “I’m telling everybody to warn their loved ones of this danger, be it your daughter, son, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or friends and share this post with others.” 
Many lives could be saved if people worried about their own safety in public places!