NEVER Mix Cucumbers And Tomatoes In A Salad. This Combination Is Not Beneficial To Your Health. Here Is Why

If you like eating fresh vegetables, you should pay attention to what plants you are going to combine. Most of us use one criterion about mixing salad, we think only about its taste. However, we usually just throw in a few ingredients and hope for the best.

But the thing is that some ingredients don’t go together is a salad, they contain different properties and should be eaten separately. The most unusual example of this is tomatoes and cucumbers.


We all know that salad with these vegetables is delicious and at the same time it is quite healthy. Well, it is true, but this combination isn’t the best solution.


Tomatoes and cucumbers have different digestion time and mixing them can cause health complications. The bad food combination can trigger digestive problems such as stomach ache, gas, nausea and bloating. Cucumbers also contain a substance that destroys vitamin C in tomatoes. So it is more beneficial to our health to eat cucumbers without any additions.

We need to remember that tomatoes and cucumbers are not compatible to each other, so we shouldn’t consume them together.