Mom Buy 8 Bottles Of Water. Now Keep Your Eyes On The White Strips In Front Of Them… WHOA!

It’s amazing how much money is spent on bottled water.


Who would’ve ever thought that bottling up something that is free, would be such big business? Well if you taste some of the tap water out there you begin to see why people are turning to bottled water. Of course you have to wonder, just what kind of water is being bottled up in all the different brands. Well, a mom from Ohio decided to answer this question for us all. She uses pH paper test strips to learn more about bottled water. The results are indeed interesting and they have been making the viral rounds on the internet.

Here is what the mom from Ohio has to say about the experiment she put together:. “Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. We wanted to share with you an experiment that we did with bottled water to see what we really are paying for. Hope this helps you and your family.” Very interesting results and definitely worth checking out.