With over a million views in a few hours, Pentatonix’s new Christmas hit is going viral

While it is one of the oldest carols dating back to at least the 16th century, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” gets an update from none other than Pentatonix!

While it has been done over and over, with one of the most popular being Bing Crosby’s version released back in 1945. Now Pentatonix is up to bat and they indeed hit a homerun with their version of this classic. Amazing how they use no instruments, yet their unique acapella sounds are indeed more powerful and unique than instrumentals could provide, and the result is a rich and moving version which is truly amazing!

Music is ideal over the holidays. Of course you need the right style of holiday music, and of course Pentatonix fits the bill! Check out this incredible sounding song and the very creative video which goes along beautifully with it.

Be sure to share this gem over the holidays with friends and family!