Meet ‘The Blackbird’, Vehicle That Transforms Into Any Car You Want it To Be

It takes a lot of work to make movies about driving fancy cars like the Fast & Furious series come to look like real life; in fact, you can hardly tell that many of the expensive cars destroyed and driven aren’t really the cars they look like at all! I

t’s all thanks to the incredible innovations in 3D technology that have made that possible, but it’s not always the most cost-effective solution. That’s where this little car comes in; dubbed The Blackbird, this car can transform itself to mimic the length and width of any car on the market, then with a tire change and a little bit of CGI you’ve got yourself… whatever you want!

This invention solves more problems than you might imagine, one of which being that if you want a vehicle to look and drive like something it’s not, it’s got to be something the same general size with the same tire size and suspension. That means the same Mazda can’t be used for every commercial and a new car would need to be purchased solely to mimic something else, see how the costs can easily rise?

Instead of that hassle and cost all you need is a single Blackbird and you’ll be able to film whatever car you had in mind for a fraction of the cost. Will this reduce ticket prices at movie theaters, probably not, but it will free up more funds in film budgets for cooler things!