This Man Parked His Car, Got Out And Kicked A Stray. She Returned With Her Friends And Did This!

You know they say: “Let sleeping dog lie.” The “hero” of our story has not heard this old English proverb. Otherwise, he would not have made this mistake. But let me tell the story)

I never understood why some people hurt animals. What satisfaction these cruel and I dare say “limited” personalities may achieve kicking dogs or little kittens, I’ll never get. However, such individuals do exist.

Here is one. One man eased his car on the parking spot. Getting out the car, he noticed a dog lying next to it. Without any hesitation, the man kicked the sleeping doggy. The dog flew off. Then the poor thing stood up, looked at the man and left.


It could be the end, but the story had continuation) When the man had left his “precious” car, the dog came back with his friends. The doggies started biting and gnawing the car. They damaged this car quite heavily, as a matter of fact!


We only can imagine the face of the man who found his car damaged by these pups! I’d like to see it, but the guy who recorded this revenge act could not wait until the car owner came back.



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