This Is What Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking Just 20 Cigarettes

Smoking isn’t a healthy habit. If you ask anyone who already does smoke whether you should or not, the answer will more than likely be that you shouldn’t.

At this point we’re all aware of the risks and dangers associated with smoking cigarettes and cigars, but it can be hard to relate without a real visual of what’s happening to your lungs. Thanks to the folks over at Medspiration we can get a good look at the damage caused by smoking just twenty cigarettes; though they do simulate this as though they were inhaled back-to-back, it proves the rate at which your lungs get damaged is quite more alarming than one might expect.

No amount of advertising or words is going to convince a smoker to quit, it’s got to be because they’ve decided it’s the right move for their health. Well, if anything can get someone consciously thinking about their own welfare it’s definitely a layer of black surrounding the inside of their throats. It’s no wonder your sense of taste comes back en force after you quit smoking, as if that’s what the lungs look like you can only imagine what it’s doing to your tongue. Quit or don’t quit, but the facts don’t lie and smoking definitely has a chance of killing you, but some would call it one of the simple pleasures in life.