Is The Leaked Video Of Bella Thorne True Or Not?

A leaked video of Bella Thorne masturbating in the car was posted online and is taking down the internet by storm. The leaked video of Bella showed her masturbating and saying that she “needed a father” but according to the actress, it’s fake and edited.

Leaked Video Of Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne, the Disney star took some time out to reply and slam the people who were reacting to her video after it began to get passed around on social media and her name became a trending topic.

Leaked Video Of Bella Thorne

But the truth behind her leaked video is the video takes a clip of a Snapchat video of Bella Thorne talking and splices in clips of someone else masturbating. The Snapchat video was posted by CelebJihad back in 2016.

leaked video of Bella Thorne


The editor of the foul video muted the voice of Bella and replaced it with someone’s saying, “I really needed a father.” The clip was of less than 60 seconds in length but made the actress a trending topic all around the world.Leaked Video Of Bella Thorne