Guy Who Was Saved By A Gorilla When He Was Five Speaks Out About Harambe Shooting

The killing of lowland gorilla Harambe has stirred the pot when it comes to controversy, after a young boy slipped through the fencing and fell into a moat inside the endangered animal’s enclosure.

Some people blame the boys parents for allowing him to climb into the enclosure, and others blame the zoo for taking such drastic actions – and some people just want to know why Harambe was in a zoo to begin with. But if there’s one thing we’re certain of, Harambe didn’t deserve to die this way.

But if there’s one person who’s opinion is pretty valid here, it has to be Levan Merritt – a British guy who fell into a gorilla’s enclosure at Jersey Zoo in 1986. The gorilla, Jambo, protected him until ambulance services could attend to him.