Every Animal Is Special In Its Own Way But Wally The Rabbit Is Simply Fabulous

This bun has the biggest wing-like ears you’ve ever seen.

This Angora rabbit is a native of Massachusetts. In fact, this long-haired species originates from Ankara, Turkey, where people used to breed it for soft wool.

But its cute look is so irresistible, and its ears remind angel wings so much, that many modern pet owners prefer to keep Angora rabbits as animal companions. Molly belongs to this category, and her super-furred bud Wally is one of the most adorable rabbits ever. If his inborn charm isn’t enough to make you go nuts, his crazy haircut simply gives you no chance to stay frosty.

Keeping an Angora may be challenging from time to time. This big-eared fellas like chewing everything that enters their sight, like shoes, clothes, cables and wires, and books. They also require a special diet, proper vet supervision and quiet outdoor place to hang around. But Molly doesn’t shrink from difficulties and doesn’t mind putting extra effort to provide the best care for her pet.