Engineers Just Turned This Drivable BMW Into A Real-Life Transformer!

Ever since the Transformers cartoon came out back in 1984 the imaginations of people across the globe have gone wild.

What would it take to actually build one of these? Well back when the show first came out there was just no way to do it and make it look clean at the same time, but with the incredible advancements of technology today things are a little different. You’re about to see the first ever BMW Transformer that can not only drive, but transform as well. You may not be able to ride in the car… but it drives!

This idea was all possible thanks to Letron, a company based out of Turkey who simply allowed their imaginations to run wild, and the result is something out of science fiction. Well, not fully yet as they can’t talk or function on their own, but weren’t giant robots something many sci-fi’s depict anyways?

You can never say that you’ll NEED a car that transforms into a massive robot, but can you really say you wouldn’t want one? It’s crazy how they’ve managed to pump this beauty out, but if you imagine what they could do with the technology we’ll have in just ten more years the talking variants don’t seem unlikely.