This Guy Attached Two Mini Jet Engines To The Smallest Manned Aircraft In The World

People have long held an utter fascination for the skies; little kids to this day still dream of one day being able to soar through the clouds among the birds, and it’s not something that goes away too easily. Many adults even have those dreams, but they’re a bit easier to follow through with when you’re older.

Countless people have put endless amounts of hours into making flight a reality, and many more have been put in making that reality ever more feasible for the average person. These days we get to see a plethora of crazy fliers built around the globe, but this Columbian CriCri Jet is probably the most insane one built to date.

This single-manned aircraft is so small it looks like it’s barely larger than those electric vehicles kids have these days, but it’s also equipped with two ridiculously small jet engines than produce enough propulsion to actually allow this thing to fly!

Did I mention how small that plane is? The CriCri Jet looks like it’s one powerful gust away from a true disaster, but I’ll bet that pilot hasn’t felt as close to the sky as he does in that. Either way, this could easily be the beginning of a new wave of personal flying vehicles, but I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet.