Deer Deals With The Scorching Heat By Visiting Neighbours’ Pool Everyday. Watch This Cutie Take A Swim

As humans, we have so many ways of dealing with the sunny, hot weather but animals can only do what they can. This sometimes means they are more affected by the scorching heat than we are. But this particular deer has found a way to cool off, thanks to his kind human neighbours.

One day, the humans in this house noticed a tiny fawn taking a dip in their in-ground pool. We bet it must have come as a huge shock but instead of chasing the poor deer away, they allowed him to enjoy his cooling swim.

The fawn must have realised that he had permission because he soon made it an everyday affair. The small creature would come around every single day, spend a few minutes doing laps in the pool and then return to his home.

It was during one of these swimming sessions that the owners recorded this awesome footage. We can clearly see that the fawn is having a great time and we can only imagine how soothing the cool pool water is on his body.

Watch the incredible video below and don’t forget to share.