This cyst grows like Alien and when the doctor slices into it, it pours like Lava

Cysts look both painful and absolutely disgusting to the point where it’s hard to decide which aspect of them is worse. On the one hand the pain can wind up unbearable if you allow the cyst to grow large enough, but they’re always disgusting.

The moment they’re sliced open it’s like dozens of little pimples all popping at once, but sometimes they can even solidify into something much more disgusting looking than the oozing gunk. In order to remove them you could technically do it yourself, though you’d run risks such as infection or not performing the procedure properly if you did, so most people end up seeking a professional for assistance.

That’s where people like Dr. Sandra Lee come in. No matter what built-up crap you’ve got festering under your skin her and those in her line of work are always prepared to help. The best part is that they do so without any type of judgement, so you don’t have to worry about being self-conscious during the removal. This patient came in with a rather odd cyst growing near her left shoulder right by her collarbone that needed to be removed and Dr. Lee was more than happy to be of assistance.

There are more than a small list of things most people never want to have happen to them in their lives, but after watching so many different popping videos like these I can honestly say cyst is right up there with aneurysms to me. Well, at least I know which doctor I’ll be contacting if it ever does!