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36 Stormy #LOTR

My armor is like tenfold deflector shields! My teeth are like lightsabers! My claws, vibroblades! The shock of my tail, Force lightning! My wings, an ion cannon! And my breath… the DEATHSTAR!”


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Stormy, sat on the patio area of Castle Carvery, Racecourse, on Salhouse Road, on the edge of the Norwich suburbs.  Created by Mandii Pope, Stormy is an extremely creative blend of the standard GoGoDragons sculpture, a stormtrooper from the Star Wars films and Smaug, the dragon in The Hobbit films.  He even has a backstory that can be seen in a YouTube video posted on Mandii’s channel, that also shows the creative process in timelapse.  Mandii Pope is a talented artist with a large number of similar projects to her credit.  She produces a diverse and inventive  range of work, to an incredibly high standard – to see more examples of her work click her name link below.  Mandii also created another dragon on the trail (33) Oakley.  Unfortunately, before my visit Stormy appears to have suffered some slight damage to his face and head.  Hopefully he will be restored before I see him again for the final gathering of dragons at The Forum at the end of September.

Artist: Mandii Pope