10 Unbelievable Facts About Real Life Witches And Wizards That Will Cast You In A Spell!

All we ever got to know about witches was from some old stories, some novels and many more legends.
But is all that true? Let’s give ourselves a little moment of truth here and find out.

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1. All witches are not evil.

Almost we take witchcraft in the negative way that they are given death to cleanse the society. But, if you have a thorough look in history, you will see they even have been white magic. Witchcraft actually includes white as well as black magic. via

2. It was very rare that any ‘witch’ was burnt on stake

Very few of the witches were burnt on the stake. Even during Salem Witch Trials only 19 people were hanged to death, in which 18 were women and a man who didn’t accept that he was a witch who was crushed to death with stones. It shows that the primary means of execution was not immolation because it was not permissible by law. And, in America not even a single accused was burnt. via

3. Both men and woman used to practice witchcraft.

For a long time, it was believed that witchcraft is only practiced by women. But the men also took keen interest in the world of witchcraft. They were referred as wizards, warlocks or sorcerers. Lots of men and women have been accused in the past because of the suspension of practicing witchcraft. via

4. A person could be convicted of witchcraft even without a solid evidence.

Although, it doesn’t make sense but it was true even if evidence like the appearance of a person in the dream was enough for filing the case against him/her. via

5. Malleus Maleficarum: The witch haunting manual

The book Malleus Maleficarum was to know how to deal with witches and witch hunters. The book was legal and theological which would give tips like shave the hair of the witch’s body so that she can’t hide magical objects. via

6. A new religious movement Wicca

In 1954, Englishman Gerald Gardner made this religion and introduced it to the public. According to Gardner, “Wicca emerged from a European witch-cult that was persecuted during the witch trial.” via

8. In India, witch is referred as ‘Daayan’ or ‘Daayani’

From the Sanskrit word ‘Dakini’, the terms Daayan has been extracted which means a woman with supernatural power. In the 15th-century secret society in Latur, Maharashtra stemmed the Dayan cult. via

9. The popular Land of Black Magic- Mayong in Assam.

People believe that Mayong people practice black magic. Also believed that people from Mayong could transform people to animals, make them disappear, tame beasts and do many unspeakable things. These practices are said to have been passed along the younger generations. It must be mentioned here that in a recent incident, a woman accused of witchcraft was beheaded in the Sonitpur district of the state. via

10. To fly, the witches used to use broomsticks.

Although it is hard to believe but when you know about it in deep it will be easy for you to believe. With herbs and potions the practitioners of witchcraft experimented. And made this possible. via