10 Misconceptions Men Have Regarding The Female Body!!!

Women’s breasts are always full of milk.

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A newly baby is blessed to have the purest form of nutrition from her mama’s breast. Milk is available in the breast only when a woman gives birth. She isn’t a milk station and she always does not roam with milk.

Women don’t pleasure themselves.


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Out of all the misconceptions men have, the weirdest one is that women do not pleasure themselves. I don’t know whether you’ll be surprised or shocked but women enjoy pleasuring themselves as much as a man does. There are even women who are way more evolved in this practice in comparison to men.

Lady parts can gulp certain things.

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Why do people feel it is a trap? At the most, you could lose a condom inside, though that too can be retrieved easily! Trespassing is prohibited by the closing present at the top of the vulva!

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