10 Misconceptions Men Have Regarding The Female Body!!!

Both psychology and female body are a mystery to men. Men fail miserably at understanding women. There are several misconceptions that men have regarding the female body. I surely cannot blame their biology and science teachers, there are some things for which you just need common sense to understand.

If you are someone who is totally in doubts regarding the female body make sure you read the complete article. To women, you all are beautiful, share this article with all your male equals who have been looking at women with raised eyebrows.
Women pee blood during their periods!

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Women pee from their urethra and the menstrual blood comes out from a different place.
Labia minora can tell tales.

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Men feel the more physical encounter she has had the larger it would be. You would be glad to know that the size of labia differs from woman to woman and the size cannot be a unit to determine whether she is or is not promiscuous.

All women yearn for big breasts.

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This is probably the stupidest thing one can think of. All men who think so should probably go out and check the price of a good bra.

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